Non-invasive targeted delivery of many small and large molecules, proteins, and biologics.
Minimal systemic toxicity and side effects compared to standard chemotherapy
Ability for local immunomodulation without systemic toxicity; can potentially enhance efficacy of checkpoint inhibitors
Potential to prevent the need for disfiguring surgical treatments commonly deemed necessary for oral cancer patients

PRV111 Patch

How it works

PRV111 is a topical patch designed to deliver and retain high concentrations of chemotherapy agent within the primary tumor and associated lymph nodes. When placed on a tumor, PRV111 releases and retains cisplatin-loaded particles into the tumor, resulting in a dramatic reduction in tumor size and elevated levels of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, without the accompanying systemic side effects associated with intravenous cisplatin (i.e. nephrotoxicity and neurotoxicity).

Easy on patients.

A phase 1 / 2 clinical trial has successfully completed for PRV111 in patients with oral cavity cancer. PRV111 has also been evaluated in several preclinical studies. Local and regional effects of PRV111 are expected to improve tumor resectability, decrease post-operative radiation and chemotherapy, and improve patient survival. In patients with metastatic disease, PRV111 (when combined with standard of care chemo-radiation regimen) can provide improved locoregional control while maintaining a tolerable side effect profile that ultimately improves the quality of life. The team is excited about the successful phase 2 study (~70% tumor reduction in just 1 week)  and is preparing for a phase 3 trial of PRV111.

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