Injecting Localized Destruction for Tumors and Hope for Patients

Treatment of hard, aggressive solid tumors need not be tough on patients. Designed for patient safety and with tumor destruction in mind, our nanoparticle and polymer science based injectable, PRV131 is administered intratumorally.

With PRV131, we bring the pain to the tumors. Localized delivery brings potent tumor-killing payloads to ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ solid tumors, while keeping surrounding tissue safe from off-target effects. Like our patients, PRV131 doesn’t quit easily. Instead, it remains active in the tumor microenvironment after one dose, combating regrowth and potentially recruiting immune reinforcements to the cause. Battling cancer can be a dispiriting ordeal, but PRV131 aims to inject hope into the equation.



With a need for innovation, PRV131 targets unmet medical needs.

  • Privo has developed a breakthrough intratumoral injection system that allows for direct drug administration into the tumor site with durability lasting >28 days with only a single treatment.
  • This approach maximizes the therapeutic impact while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Pre-clinical animal studies have successfully concluded on aggressive tumor models.
  • Privo’s intratumoral treatment has also been studied as a combination therapy with Anti-PD1.
  • Privo is currently designing a Phase 1 clinical trial for hard-to-reach tumors in the oral cavity and lung.

Key partners

Privo is Honored to have the support and recognition of FDA, NCI & NIDCR for its Technology and Products.
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