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Privo Technologies is a biotechnology company that consists of dedicated scientists, researchers, engineers, and biotech entrepreneurs who all have recognized the severe need for an improved standard of care for cancer patients. 

We Believe That Patients Should Not Be Forced To Pick Between
Cancer's Effects or Treatment Hardships.

Our transformational initial products are:

  • PRV111: Nanoengineered polymeric patch with embedded cisplatin nanoparticles has the potential to treat more than half of all solid tumor cancers

  • PRV131: Sterilized, sustained release intratumoral cisplatin based injectable in preclinical stage. It has the potential to be injected in all solid tumors for tumor control and tumor reduction

  • PRV211: Sterilized, intraoperative chemotherapy patch that has been specifically designed for use during surgery to meet FDA regulations. It is applied to the tumor bed to eliminate residual cancer cells and reduce the chance of tumor recurrence

PRV111 is a derivative of the PRV platform, a novel nanotechnology-based system that is capable of improving the efficacy of potent anticancer drugs and significantly improving their safety through topical treatment. This product has broad applications for use in most mucosal and skin cancers.

  • Successfully completed clinical trials in a Phase 2 study meeting all primary and secondary endpoints (NCT03502148)
  • Clinical trial results published in Nature Communications

PRV131 is designed for hard to reach and aggressive tumors, keeping the patient safe while aggressively destroying the tumor. This intratumoral injectable contains cisplatin-encapsulated nanoparticles along with other excipients that are reconstituted quickly into a homogeneous suspension, ready for administration. Currently in preclinical stage, with successful preclinical results, the treatment is planned for human study shortly.

PRV211 is intended for use in the surgical suite and employs the same nanoparticles derived from the clinically studied PRV111 patch with a customized matrix for surgical use. PRV211 delivers highly potent cisplatin nanoparticles directly to the resected tumor bed, providing long lasting sustained release of the cytotoxic drug, aimed at eliminating tumor recurrence and micrometastases.  PRV211 is a Phase I/II clinical asset.

PRV111: Why & How

Initial Indication: Oral cancer (OC) is an aggressive, invasive tumor with a tendency to spread to the lymph nodes. It is the 6th most common cancer globally and is on the rise due to HPV infection. The current standard of care requires surgery and intravenous (IV) chemotherapy as the first step of treatment. However, both processes are hindered from completion due to the disfiguring side effects of surgery and/or severe toxicity due to IV chemotherapy.

Despite recent advances in all relevant applied oral cancer therapies, overall survival (OS) has improved only 5% in the last decade. Oral cancer is one of the most expensive cancers with costs exceeding $250,000/patient, due to the debilitating surgical treatment often necessary and associated side effects. Furthermore, of all cancer patients, patients with oral cancer have the highest depression and suicide rates.

PRV111 is a therapeutic patch used on several mucosal and dermal cancers. It has a wide range of uses, from use as a neoadjuvant treatment to debulk tumors prior to surgery to use on high grade dysplasia and carcinoma in situ (Tis) to prevent transition to last stage cancers. PRV111 works to shrink oral cancer tumors before surgery and minimizes the need for disfiguring surgical resection. PRV111 consists of a unique polymeric mesh containing powerful chemotherapy-loaded nanoparticles and works by delivering the nanoparticles directly onto the tumor and regional lymph nodes. PRV111 confines chemotherapeutic agents to the tumor site and has been shown to eliminate dangers associated with systemic toxicity while shrinking tumors with a response rate of over 70% volume reduction in 87% of subjects.

PRV111 aims to eliminate the need for surgery for early-stage oral cancers, to reduce the extent of the disfiguring surgery required in advance cancers, to preserve form and function of the many complex organs of the oral cavity, to minimize high rates of recurrence, and to extend overall survival.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Awarded at the White House for “outstanding scientific contributions”
  • Peer reviews have led to $20M of awards and grants
  • Awarded a $2M grant from the FDA toward its clinical trials
  • One of only 4 companies in the U.S. to receive a $3M NCI Bridge Award in 2018

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