Minimally invasive targeted delivery of powerful chemotherapeutic agents
Easily administered and seamlessly combined with standard of care
Applicable for the treatment of solid tumors from a wide range of cancers
Potential to eliminate residual cancer cells post tumor resection and prevent recurrence
Granted an IND by the FDA

How it works

Utilizing the clinically tested PRV111 technology, PRV211 is designed to deliver high concentrations of chemotherapy within the tumor bed following tumor resection surgery. When applied to the tumor bed, PRV211 releases cisplatin-loaded particles into the surrounding environment. This localized administration of cisplatin removes residual tumor cells, aiming to prevent cancer recurrence. Indications include solid tumors like head and neck, colorectal, cervical/vaginal, anal, and ocular squamous cell carcinoma.

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Privo is Honored to have the support and recognition of FDA, NCI & NIDCR for its Technology and Products.
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