PRV™ Platform Technology

The PRV™ platform enables targeted drug delivery, supports the body’s own immune and reparative responses, and is used in the design of safer, less invasive alternatives to currently available treatments.

The PRV™ system is used in multiple dosage forms. Formulations include topically and intraoperatively administered patches and hydrogels. Drug compounds within dosage forms are kept stable and their release engineered to maximize potency. The rate and location of drug release is triggered by parameters that may be adapted to particular physiological environments.

The PRV™ system is currently used in treatments for cancerous tumors and lymph nodes using the known chemotherapeutic, cisplatin. Formulations and treatment strategies comprising compounds for indications outside of oncology are under development, with promising results.


PRV111™ Chemotherapy Patch                         

PRV111™ is a topically administered chemotherapy patch that treats cancer by targeting tumors locally. PRV111™ concentrates the action of cisplatin to the site of cancerous tumors, and the regional lymph nodes resulting in a powerful locoregional cancer-fighting therapy. This is all while avoiding the many systemic toxicities caused by currently available treatments. In addition, treatment with PRV111™ aims to be an alternative to disfiguring surgical treatments commonly deemed necessary for oral cancer patients. With PRV111™, Privo is working to drastically improve patient quality of life – being Tough on cancer, Easy on the patients.

PRV111 is currently being used in phase II clinical trial for oral squamous cell carcinoma

Power of PRV Immunomodulation

Elevates levels of Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes – CD3, CD4, CD8, and CD68 in cold and hot tumors

Results after only 1 week of PRV111 treatment

No systemic side effect

Potential for abscopal effect in metastatic tumors


Privo’s Patent Portfolio

Privo’s patent portfolio is designed for a long patent life post product approval. 


Our initial focus is on oral cancer followed by Intra-operative chemotherapy and HPV caused cancers.

Privo’s In-House GMP Manufacturing

The proprietary manufacturing processes implemented in our in-house GMP facility allows Privo to produce and develop PRV™ based therapeutics according to clinical design and scale production to meet clinical needs.